Think, Create, Innovate ACT

APositive developed a Centenary of Canberra travelling exhibition to showcase the territory’s most successful entrepreneurs. Starting with the concepts of ‘pillars of success’ and ‘leading lights’, APositive developed an interactive, glowing, modular portrait gallery featuring light spires. At each peak, the light spire features an interchangeable portrait card and brief text. A mini-hologram is generated from the portrait card when viewers download the studio’s augmented reality application and hover their mobile device over each portrait. The work was finalised with the help of the Exhibition Centre. The dynamic nature of the technology means new portraits can be easily and continually added to the mix without having to update the physical gallery or the app. Using AR technology allows the exhibition to remains fresh, relevant and extremely cost effective in the long term.

The pillars are individually wired and packaged so the exhibition can be scaled as needed, or re-arranged to suit space. APositive worked closely with the manufacturers of the pillars—who said they had never produced anything similar—to choose lightweight acrylics; stabilising options; and commercially-available lighting gels so that cost-effective options are available to use colour as a modifying theme. There is no restriction on the number of people accessing the installation’s digital content at any one time providing they are within 50cm of the portraits. The exhibition was chosen to feature at the Festival of Ambitious Ideas in 2013, Floriade 2013, and ACT Export Awards. Read more about it here in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The spires can be custom branded and made to order. For a quote please contact us.