APositive Identity System

A mathematical theory first developed to explain how the coat patterns of leopards, jaguars and zebras are determined is now the engine behind APositive’s corporate logo.

We have used Alan Turing’s theory to develop our own APositive ‘unique logo generator’.

APositive’s niche is designing for augmented reality (AR). Creating the APositive logo has allowed us to educate our clients on potential applications of AR. The result challenges the ‘traditional’ corporate identity suite stereotype without being too complex, dissociative, ‘gimmicky’, or costly to reproduce.

The solution was to create a self-generating logo using only code. For print, every tenth frame can be exported as a PDF print-ready business card with a unique identifier. Clients can hover a mobile device over the logo and, using the APositive augmented reality app to watch it come alive with animation and also access other examples of APositive work.