In the world of product design, simple is in. Dieter Rams 10 Principles of good design is what drives Apple’s unmatched success. It worked for computers, so why not AR experience design.

1. Make it innovative

Isn’t AR already innovative? Challenging the status quo is what innovation is all about. Push AR’s boundaries both creatively and technically. We see a lot of cute bunnies and dinosaurs that’s great but what else can we make? There are billions of possibilities. If you are stuck for an idea ask an artist.

2. Make it valuable

Reward a minute of download time with 100 minutes of value. Give someone the ability to see what a new coffee table looks like in their lounge room without even leaving the house. Turn boring point-to-point travel into entertainment. Above all make it memorable.

3. Make it beautiful

Just because you can’t render 3D model as hyper realistic as a Xbox One doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Take Mine Craft for instance – the whole game is just 15mb! Work creatively within the constraints. Make sure all the elements are beautiful – the sound, the typography and the interface.

4. Make it understood in seconds

Three steps, that’s all it should take to take part in the experience. Support the experience with superb human centred design; intuitive graphics build on existing standards of interaction.

5. Make it unobtrusive

The app should fade into the background and allow users immerse themselves in the experience. Let them be human, encourage sharing, interaction, exploration while making the tech as seamless as possible.

6. Make it honest

Never underestimate your user ­– does the experience deliver on what it promised? Does it live up to the hype? Does it add value? Or is it just a thinly veiled advertisement?

7. Make it long-lasting

If the app relies too heavily on the AR wow factor it will soon feel out-dated; those that strive toward the experience will last. Make it useful, make it relevant avoid the latest craze. Just because you can does not mean you should.

8. Make it thorough down to the last detail

Make a good first impression. Don’t forget the icon design, the screen shots, the app store description, the instructions – they are the first things your user encounters. Above all maintain consistency.

9. Make it environmentally friendly

Stop visual pollution! Overlaying ugly, dysfunctional AR content over a users environment will take its toll on the user. Use professional content makers who will design the content specifically for AR.

10. Use as little design as possible

Less, but better, remove features don’t add them. Back to purity, back to simplicity so the user can enjoy.