ARboretum helps you enjoy the full wonders of National Arboretum forests through your ears as well as your eyes. Download the free augmented reality ARboretum app to your smartphone or tablet and stroll through the marked forests. ARboretum charts your forest location and merges what you see with wild sounds native to the forest’s country of origin. The artist-designed soundscapes change randomly, giving you a unique experience each time you visit.

With ARboretum you can also explore information on the trees that make up these forests. Scan surrounding landscapes and immediately access the Arboretum’s web content on the trees, their origins and their significance.

Bonus free augmented reality content gives you sneak peak at some of the animals that are native to these forests. Who will be the first to spot them?

Team members with iPads will be on hand this Sunday to help you get started. Take a walk on the wild sound with ARboretum.

12pm – 1pm – Visitor centre

2pm – 3:30pm – Cork Oak Forrest