Last week at the Melbourne Art Fair we gave an extra layer of animation to a painting of Victoria’s iconic Skipping Girl Vinegar sign—the nation’s first animated neon sign—for the Melbourne Art Fair. We worked with sound designer George Vlad to create an ambient soundscape including a faulty neon sign buzzing, distant traffic and swinging rusty gate. These, as well as subtle visual effects, are digitally overlayed on artist Jim Thalassoudis’s work Little Audrey: the skipping girl. The patrons at the fair access the effects by downloading our ‘APositive’ augmented reality application and scanning Thalassoudis’s painting or our gorgeous postcard representation of the painting.

We really wanted to enhance, but preserve the artistic merit of Jim Thalassoudis’s work which already possessed amazing visuals. To meet this endeavour, We chose sound as the principal augment. We created a program that randomly generates chosen soundbites allowing each viewer to experience a unique soundscape while viewing at the artwork through our AR app. The library of sounds can be continuously changed and expanded to ensure it remains fresh, and continually provide a new and different level of immersion for our audiences.