Touch, explore, listen, watch, play. At APositive we use augmented reality (AR) to surprise, intrigue, educate and invite a response from your audience.

“Instead of making us further removed from the world around us, augmented reality can build on it, leading to deeper, richer and more personalized experiences – experiences that we can take part in together.”

Tarun Wadhwa

Author and researcher with the Hybrid Reality Institute

"AR is a game changer for business, for sports, and for social media, just to name a few. Over the next few years, AR will change not only the way you use your phone, but also the way you see and interact with the world."

Daniel Burrus

Technology Futurist

About Us

Based in Canberra with offices in Sydney and Melbourne APositive is a national and international award winning digital agency that blends your specialty subject with cool technology to create irresistibly interactive user experiences. Touch, explore, listen, watch, play. We use augmented reality (AR) to surprise, intrigue, educate and invite a response.

We create specialty AR application projects for a wide range of subjects, including education, entertainment, advertising, exhibition, pure art and tourism. A full-service shop, we manage the entire AR process.

8 Benefits of AR

Become a market leader

Differentiate yourself from the competition and have audiences see your business as relevant and progressive. But be quick. It won’t be long before AR becomes as essential as having a website or a Facebook page.

Save money

Where organisations may have required physical elements to communicate with or market to audiences in the past, AR can provide the virtual equivalent that can be fully scaled and flexible enough to modify as needed.

Boost ROI

Retailers, cultural institutions, and charities are all seeing ROI benefits.

Track use

Anything digital can be tracked more easily than something physical. That means a greater return on investment because you can get a sense of length of interactions, the type of data sought, and the actions taken.

Increase available information

Provide richer and deeper content on a product, experience or scene with data, video, sound, gaming, graphics, text, web links, coupons, competitions and more.

Foster social share

The novelty, entertainment and interactivity generated by augmented reality frequently compels people to share their experience through social media network, multiplying your marketing leverage.

Reduce errors

Use AR to demonstrate a procedure or the function of any device. AR training can be repeated again and again without the need for physically resource-intensive training.

Make existing communication assets work harder

Use AR to drive consumers directly to existing promotional collateral such as video, audio and websites, without incurring further costs.

Joint Winner

APositive were joint winners in the Canberra Digital Challenge for the augmented reality app ARboretum. The team  took home 10k in prize money and are currently looking at rolling out the app across the National Arboretum.

Canberra Digital Challenge


National Trust of Australia awarded APositive’s augmented reality app ‘Mt Stromlo Heritage Trail’ a Heritage 2015 award for Significant Contribution to Heritage Conservation.

National Trust of Australia

3rd Prize

APositive founder Amber Standley and her team took out 3rd prize for their augmented reality wearable app ‘Plucky’ at the Augmented World Expo (AWE 2014) Wearables Hackathon. The Hackathon was held by Augmate and sponsored by Epson & Arqetype, in  Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley.

AWE Hacks

$50,000 Innovation Connect Grant Recipient

APositive was awarded $50,000 to develop a proof of concept for EnergyOpp a behaviour change platform designed to address energy waste caused by a building occupants.



APositive was a finalist in two categories for US Design, Art + Technology Awards, Interactive Exhibition and Creative Technologies Summit, Pittsburgh May 7-8, 2014

Pittsburgh DATA awards


Whether it is mobile, broadcast or kiosk-based AR solutions that you need, we can help. If you’re not too sure of how AR might fit in your business, we offer a number of packages to whet your appetite.

AR consulting

Need a thorough analysis of how AR can benefit your business? We can consult on AR experience design (strategic, NOT technical!) on an hourly basis. We also offer AR 101 and AR Design thinking workshops – the perfect way to start jour AR journey.

APositive Augmented Reality app

The AR app is the ‘engine room’ that provides for all AR experiences. Not all AR apps are created equal. Ours has quick user-friendly FREE download and operation; flexibility; sustainability; and quality assurance.

Client Branded AR Apps

If you are looking to really drive home your brand, we can create your own custom-branded AR app for iPhone operating system (iOS), Android or desktop.

AR experience design packages

We put your AR app to work by generating exciting experiences for your clients. Our packages can incorporate video, holograms, 3D models, 3D animation,  360-degree panoramas, soundscapes, advanced interaction and gamification.

AR applications

Using AR in your industry is only limited by your imagination.


Expand learning experiences in fresh and exciting ways. Use AR for training, to model objects, provide discovery-based learning, enhance books, prospectuses, develop interactive campus tours, and for game-based learning.

AR aligns well with education because it allows individuals to self-direct their discoveries.

It has been described as the fulcrum that will mark an exciting turning point the evolution of educational practices.


Add a stunning futurist air to events. Augment baselines, future plans and objectives to give delegates and audiences a dramatic picture of your organisation’s past results and future directions. Augment new products; provide augmented networking opportunities to exchange contact details; help with venue information including directions; schedules and information on demand; give sponsors an augmented presence to offer delegates or audiences tailored offers and discounts.

AR can make planning any event more streamlined. It can also provide a completely new, cost-effective dimension to any event and captivate audiences.


Allow visitors to have a more intimate and closer look at displays that are traditionally off limits or behind glass. Interact with and learn more about objects.

See objects in their original contexts such as a section of mosaic flooring as it would have appeared in an ancient church or temple. Equip visitors to scan artworks and display and access sound bites, vision, documentaries or web content that adds to their experience. View materials normally in storage because of space constraints.


Immerse customers in the look, feel, acoustics and history of a property before they even step foot inside. Customised AR solutions for property experts allow you to cost-effectively advertise with high-impact, personalised campaigns that demonstrate a comprehensive return on investment.

Options can include augmenting print advertisements, office window advertisements or even creating 3D models of developments that are fully interactive … even sound!


Allow travellers to see your destination through a new lens. AR in tourism and hospitality can be both practical and inspiring.

Use it to re-live historic life and events; highlight interesting features; turn an experience into a game; or offer real-time directions, distances, prices, traveller ratings, room availability, menus or queuing times.

Research shows that AR applications can allow tourists to personalise their visit according to their desires and expectations which results in a much more memorable experience.


Combine the power of print with the immediacy of digital. AR engages consumers longer and can drive them directly from static display or advertorial pages to a point of purchase or branded sites and measure their level of interaction. Provide access to additional multi-media content and tell a story in a more compelling, fun or interactive way.

What our clients say about us

If you’re looking to take the next step into the future with a talented visual communicator who takes the time to listen, provide grounded explanations of the highly technical world she inhabits, and produce outcomes that wow, Amber is the perfect partner.

Sharon Phillips

Manager, Ginger Up Communications

Highly responsive, excellent communicator, amazing designer – Amber and APositive have it all.

Dr Belle Alderman, AM

Director, Lu Rees Archives of Australian Children’s Literature Inc

[this is] one of the best responses to a design brief that we have seen … Anna Pino

CEO, Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre

Our People

Sydney Morning Herald

Canberra start-up bringing new life to augmented reality

In a digital-dominated world it can take more than a pretty picture to attract people to a display or a product. From alumni portraits to rocks and even a baby Skywhale, Ms Standley, 30, is now a leader in bringing a range of objects to life.

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Startup Smart

Australian startup wins an award for its augmented reality soundscapes

An innovative augmented reality app called Arboretum, which overlays location-aware soundscapes over the National Arboretum, has been named as one of the joint winners of NICTA’s Digital Canberra Challenge.

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Her Canberra

Meet the Game Changer

Game changers are those visionaries who change the status quo, shift our thinking and disrupt whole industries. We caught up with Amber Standley, whose business APositive is changing the way we experience advertising, digital content and interact with data.

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Startup Smart

Canberra start-ups to showcase creativity at Festival of Ambitious Ideas

Thirteen Canberra-based start-ups are set to share their plans and visions this week at the second Festival of Ambitious Ideas, launched to showcase and encourage innovation in the Australian Capital Territory.

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Canberra Times

Augmented Reality app brings Mt Stromlo heritage to life.

ANU Vice Chancellor Professor Ian Young praised the rebirth of the Mount Stromlo site as a more flowing and connected experience with augmented reality.

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City News

E.L.K Descends on the Archibald again

RECLUSIVE Canberra-raised stencil artist Luke Cornish (E.L.K. to you and me) has teamed up with augmented reality expert, Amber Standley and well-known former Canberra photographer Cole Bennetts to create an entry to the Archibald Prize that he claims is “like no other.”

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Amber’s top 10 good AR design principles

In the world of product design, simple is in. Dieter Rams 10 Principles of good design is what drives Apple’s unmatched success. It worked for computers, so why not AR experience design. 1. Make it innovative Isn’t AR already innovative? Challenging the status... read more

We’re hiring!

  Internship – Junior Unity/AR games developer. Experiment with augmented reality and get paid for it! If you are a student with experience in Unity and have a passion for games development and an interest in Augmented Reality (AR) get in contact! We are offering... read more

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